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The Great Pizza Expedition

Due to a mapping error in the 1700s, the town of Angle Inlet, Minnesota has ended up surrounded on three sides by Canada, and on the fourth by a large lake. It is also the northern most tip of the contiguous United States, and home to a population of 54.

“The Angle Inlet is a crazy beautiful way of life that you never know you needed,” says resident @NorthwoodsBarbie. “It’s the one place on Earth that city life and the sounds all fade away into the background, and it’s just peace, but it’s crazy at the same time. And to know crazy peace…that’s fun.”

Normally, it would take residents around six hours and four border crossings to get to the nearest Minnesota grocery store.

In true Minnesotan fashion, we got creative and skipped the border altogether and delivered a freezer full of more than 150 FRESCHETTA® pizzas via the frozen Lake of the Woods by a trusty team of ten sled dogs. No passports needed!

“While many consumers live in a world of 'retail everywhere' with options of shopping at nearby stores and online, there is still a small percentage of folks where everyday purchases take a bit more effort,” said Grace Harker, associate marketing manager. “The residents of Angle Inlet face this challenge every day. When there is a town of pizza lovers with limited access to groceries and frozen pizza — and the residents must cross borders to get their hands on FRESCHETTA® pizza — that deserves respect.”

“Hopefully, we can save residents from a few border crossings, while also bringing light to this amazing destination in Minnesota,” Grace said.